Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Order and Personal Information Kept Anonymous?

Yes, it is. BuySocial doesn’t share with or sell customer information to any third party, and we limit information shared internally as well. All employees and contractors sign explicit non-disclosure agreements, as well, so they’re barred from sharing your information to anyone outside of authorized staff.

Can I Pay With Non-USD Currency?

All purchases made with credit cards, bank cards, or through PayPal will automatically convert a user’s native currency to USD. Your charge will reflect the current USD exchange rate.

Can I Pay With My Bank Account?

Sort of. We don’t have an ACH or Direct Bank Payment option directly on our website. However, you can pay with a Bank Account via PayPal. Simply connected your bank account to PayPal and select your bank as your payment method when you checkout via PayPal.

Can I Pay With BitCoin?

Yes, you may. Simply select the BitCoin/CryptoCurrency option at checkout and you’ll be directed to our CryptoCurrency payment partner (TheBigCoin*), where you can pay with BitCoin. Simply follow the instructions provided. BitCoin payments typically take up 60 minutes to confirm, so be aware of that. We cannot begin an order until your payment is confirmed. *Please note: Due to regulations in New York and Washington,TheBigCoin is not allowed to conduct business in those states. In oder to make a purchase from BuySocial, you should jump onto a proxy or VPN if you live in NY, WA, or another state or country that blocks CoinPayments.

Can I Pay With PayPal?

Yes, just select the PayPal option at Checkout. You’ll be directed to PayPal, where you can login and pay normally.

My Credit Card Was Declined. What Should I Do?

If you place an order with us, and your card is declined, your first step should be to call your credit card company to find out why your charge was not processed. If it was just a flagging issue, simply let them know that the charge is authorized. Alternatively, you can just use another credit card, PayPal, or CryptoCurrencies such as BitCoin to pay.

How Can I Request Replacements?

We strive to provide the most reliable service possible. Aside from constantly improving our services and network, we include a Retention Guarantee for free. If you lose any of what we delivered (for example, Followers, Likes, Views, or Subscribers) let us know. If you’re within our warranty, we’ll replace it for free! You can request your replacements

How Can I Request a Refund?

The support team here at Devumi will do everything within our power to ensure that you are satisfied with the product that you ordered. If, for any reason we can’t rectify the situation, we will cancel and refund your order.

How Long Has BuySocial Been in Business?

BuySocial is a pioneer in the field of social media marketing, having been founded in 2010. We have served over 300,000 satisfied customers in our nearly eight years in business. BuySocial is proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee as well as a retention guarantee that ensures long-term results on any service you purchase from us.